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[1] In practice, this is completely unworkable, and

According to newspaper reports, the main reason cited by officials of PBS for not releasing reports of CMI for 2010 11 and 2015 16 is the lack of cooperation from the provincial Industries Departments in compilation of data from industrial establishments, in particular the low response rate of manufacturing enterprises received from province of SindhContinue reading “[1] In practice, this is completely unworkable, and”

Bourgeaux, Conseiller gnral, M

MIPE 2011 L’quipe de “nettoyage” des locaux est au travail ! il y a Silvana, Jeannine, Claude, Heidi, Claire, Giorgio, Guy, Michel. qui s’activent, sous la “direction” de Jean Luc, le scnographe du MIPE. 1re projection dans le cadre “4 ralisateurs dans la ville”, de “Cherche toujours”, avec Etienne Chaillou (co ralisateur avec Mathias Thry).Continue reading “Bourgeaux, Conseiller gnral, M”

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